Here you will see our various AHAVA Facial Care Products, specially designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and refresh your skin. AHAVA offers a variety of products for all skin types.

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  1. Sale AHAVA Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask ( For normal to dry skin )

    AHAVA Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask ( For normal to dry skin )

    At AHAVA, we say it's time to revitalize your complexion! And we have just the right product for you: our Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask. This gel-textured blend of ingredients found at the highest and lowest points on earth noticeably lifts, brightens and energizes the skin. The date palm extract, Himalayan Goji Berries, Argan Oil and Dead Sea minerals in this fabulous facial mask will imbue your skin with renewed radiance.
    Retail price: $70.00

    Our Price: $40.95

    Special Price $30.95

  2. AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer ( For normal to dry skin )

    This luxurious Vitamin E-enriched face cream will imbue your skin with long-lasting moisture and protect it against the elements. You'll have a brighter, more youthful look for greater confidence throughout the day.
    Retail price: $60.00 Our Price: $45.95
  3. AHAVA Night Replenisher ( Normal to dry skin )

    This intensive Dead Sea mineral cream will perform a moisturizing magic trick as you sleep. When you wake up, your skin will be incredibly soft, hydrated and rejuvenated.
    Retail price: $65.00 Our Price: $49.95

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