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Intensive Spa perfection
Intensive Spa perfection

INTENSIVE SPA PERFECTION is a new & innovative line of Dead Sea Cosmetics.
A rich array of natural, choice ingredients such a plant extracts, aromatic oils & vitamins
have been blended with the rejuvenating mud, salt & minerals of the Dead Sea, to create this highly effective & quality skin-care line.


Avani Dead Sea

AVANI I line offers the very best in advanced skin-care. Formulated from choice, natural ingredients, AVANI offers you a luxurious range of Dead Sea cosmetics which includes the 'newly launched' AVANI Timeless, an innovative range of anti-aging cosmetics.




nostalgia - NEW

Packaged in beautifully designed 'retro' packaging, Nostalgia is a new line that offers a superb range of bath, body, spa & hair products. With a distinct 'vintage' feel, this line offers you a range of natural Dead Sea inspired products that have been formulated in line with all the latest ingredient & consumer trends.