T.D.O.T. Industries & Int'l Trade Ltd are interested in creating business opportunities with you. Our professional staff are ready to meet all your specific Dead Sea cosmetics purchasing requirements.


T.D.O.T.  specialize in the manufacture, export & distribution of beauty & skin-care cosmetic products based on the unique mud, salt & minerals of the Dead Sea.  All of T.D.O.T's  products are developed using choice natural ingredients and that are in line with all the latest consumer trends.   T.D.O.T.   are pleased to offer a vast & rich collection of products from all the leading Dead sea brands including Intensive SPA, Intensive SPA Luxury, Intensive SPA Perfection, AVANI, AVANI Timeless and more…


In addition to offering our products in Private Label, we are also pleased to offer our products in bulk (for clients to package and label themselves) and in Professional Sizes for use in spas & salons.


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