T.D.O.T. Industries & Int'l Trade Ltd

What We offer?

Manufacturing and production

All manufacturing and production is made under the strict approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health and according to FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and CTFA (Cosmetic Toiletries & Fragrance Association) Standards in addition to all Regulatory Bodies worldwide regarding the manufacture, distribution and import of cosmetics. No products have been tested on animals or contain animal derivatives.

Competitive prices

We constantly strive to offer the most competitive prices and it is our policy to provide the lowest possible prices for the highest quality products.

Advanced Formulas

Our ready-to-use formulas have been extensively researched, developed & tested according to all market requirements.

Customized Formulas

In addition to offering hundreds of high quality 'finished products' for retail and professional bulk requirements, T.D.O.T. can offer custom blended formulas to meet your exact specifications.

Superior Product Quality

T.D.O.T. are known for their consistently high quality products which are created from the mud, salt & minerals of the Dead Sea. These unique ingredients have been combined with the innovative as well as traditional natural ingredients known for their cosmetic, curative & therapeutic benefits.

Bulk Product

T.D.O.T are able to provide high quality skin-care products formulated by using a combination of traditional and innovative natural ingredients known for their cosmetic benefits in 'bulk' for you to package and label yourselves. In addition, T.D.O.T can supply raw materials from the Dead Sea such as Mud & Salts in their natural form in large 'bulk' quantities.

Concept Development – Private Label

T.D.O.T. are pleased to offer all of the products that they manufacture (including variations on them), in addition to a wide range of high quality packaging options, in order to meet all of your Private Label requirements.