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  1. AHAVA Hand Cream

    This classic Ahava Hand Cream contains soothing Allantoin, Hamamelis & natural oils to sooth dry & chapped skin. The light texture absorbs quickly to moisturize the hands and restore the skin’s natural moisture levels. Hypoallergenic.
    Retail price: $30.00 Our Price: $15.95
  2. AHAVA Foot Cream

    Rich in plant extracts & oils, this gentle hypoallergenic Foot Cream will deeply nourish & moisturize dry, rough & cracked feet, leaving them soft & hydrated. Contains active anti-bacterial agents.
    Retail price: $20.00 Our Price: $16.95
  3. AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion

    This rapidly absorbed cream protects body skin with its soothing aloe vera and hydrating Dead Sea minerals. The added witch hazel extract refreshes and revitalizes tired skin for a great feeling.
    Retail price: $42.00 Our Price: $25.95
  4. INTENSIVE SPA PERFECTION Nourishing Silk Body Butter - Parasio

    This rich & creamy Body Butter has been created to provide the ultimate in moisture treatments. Blended using a sumptuous mix of Shea Butter & Beeswax combined with Dead Sea minerals, this lightly scented Butter will ensure that skin is left totally nourished & refreshed.
    Retail price: $60.00 Our Price: $39.90
  5. INTENSIVE SPA PERFECTION Skin Refine Mineral Peel

    This highly effective facial exfoliating gel has been formulated from rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals and soothing plant extracts. Enhanced with Green Tea and vitamins E & C, this peel will exfoliate gently to cleanse your skin. This special formula has been designed to leave your skin fresh and radiant.
    Retail price: $80.00 Our Price: $46.90
  6. INTENSIVE SPA PERFECTION Moisture Balance Gel-Cream

    Formulated to treat younger skin, this light, soothing moisturizer is formulated from a special blend of Dead Sea minerals, essential vitamins, natural plant extracts and essential oils such as aloe vera, chamomile and sunflower. It is a wonderful collagen-enriched cream that penetrates quickly into the skin to imbue it with much-needed hydration, leaving it soft, supple and invigorated.
    Retail price: $80.00 Our Price: $46.90

    This kit offers the ultimate in natural nail care. Containing a rich, moisturizing Body Lotion, Professional Nail File, Professional Buffer and Cuticle Oil, this kit will provide a smooth and perfect polish for natural healthy-looking, shiny nails.
    Retail price: $100.00 Our Price: $49.95
  8. AHAVA Age Control Brightening and Renewal Serum

    This light-textured gel lotion will give your skin an incredible boost and long-lasting hydration. Its powerful blend of Dead Sea minerals, OsmoterTM and vitamins reinforces the skin as it fights fine lines and wrinkles.
    Retail price: $80.00 Our Price: $68.95
  9. AVANI Timeless Advanced Micro Capsule Serum

    By using the latest cosmetic technology and the finest natural ingredients, we have produced a very effective facial serum. Its high concentration of antioxidant, moisture-enhancing Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins A, C & E work hard to rejuvenate tired, aging skin. The added active enzymes and collagen combine to noticeably soften, tighten and smooth facial skin.
    Retail price: $120.00 Our Price: $89.95

Grid List

9 Item(s)